Friday, June 17, 2011

And... I'm back

This blog has been sadly neglected for a few months because I've been working hard on another very important endeavor... a HarvardInterviewer baby!

Obviously people have been asking what my husband and I are doing to prepare our little one for Harvard. Given that she's only three months old, we don't have a definitive list.

But I do want to talk about what role parents can play in giving their kids a leg up, and I'll do that in the next few posts. A parent's role in encouraging excellence is tricky. I don't really believe that spending money stuff makes a big difference.

The posts will be about reframing success and how you can encourage your child to want to find ways to set herself apart.

In the meantime, if you've contacted me about a quote or comment for an article during the past three months - my apologies. I'm fantastic at email... except when I'm learning to take care of a newborn. Please try me again if I can still help.

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