Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Online data: the final chapter

So, I've had a few questions since my last post, and they invariably run along the lines of, "This comes up when I search for my name/facebook account/website. Do you think it's bad?"

Let me give you a mantra. If in doubt, take it out.

See? It even rhymes. But in all seriousness, folks, if you have to ask, it probably shouldn't be out there. The point isn't whether or not I think calling someone "fucking awesome" is an inappropriate thing for a seventeen year old to say. (Personally, I don't.) The real litmus test is - would you intentionally say it during your interview? Or write it in your essays? If the answer is no, just make it private, password protect it, or delete it. Easy peasy.

Moving right along. Interview season is mostly wrapping up across the country, applicants are receiving their admissions letters, and everybody else is gearing up for application season 2011. I'm planning on shifting gears to more general application questions. If you have some that you'd like me to address, leave it in the comments... or send it my way via email.


  1. (In reference to a previous post) With limited interviews happening this year, does an interview (or lack thereof) correspond to making (or not making) the 2nd round? Or are interviews still not really indicative of an applicant's chances of admission? On a different note, I'd like to thank you for this blog - it's been really informative and helpful!

  2. Dear Ms. Otis,
    I am an applicant for Harvard Class of 2015, and am very thankful for the informations provided on this blog. Meanwhile, I have a question regarding the opportunities for interview. I understand that Harvard has received a record high number of applications this year, and the chances for an interview have, in general, dwindled. Nevertheless, I live in a large state with an apparently active alumni network (CA), it is March, and I have only received one promise for an interview since Jan. I am waiting anxiously for a chance to get to know more about Harvard, and vice versa, and can't help but worrying if there is some technical issue or if I should consider this a subtle indication of rejection. I would love to receive some advice on my situation, and also to know if it is too late for an interview and I should stop waiting.
    Thanks again for being very generous with your time. Your advices help me a lot.

  3. Dear Ms.Otis,

    I have a question regarding the interview process for transfer admissions candidates. Are all transfer applicants offered an admissions interview in the spring? Or, are the interviews only extended to those who have a higher chance of acceptance? Any insight you could provide into the transfer process would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you for all your help!